Ibiza Blue Challenge (IBC) Triathlon takes place in rural Ibiza and the inaccessible cliffs in the north of the island. Triathletes in the Middle Distance Triathlon will swim 2.5 km, will cycle 90 km and will run 13 km. As for the shorter distance triathlon (Olympic Distance), triathletes will swim 1.2 km, will cycle 45 km and will run 8 km.

It is a tough, indescribable and spectacular competition that breaks with the traditional triathlon races. To be a finisher you will have to face a real challenge. The main concept is: organizers and athletes becoming one family. The design aims at avoiding all kind of participants’ overcrowding, going back to the origins of triathlon in an environmentally friendly way, enjoying and respecting nature.

Ibiza Blue Challenge (IBC) Triathlon has been designed for athletes to face the deepest vertigo when starting the swim segment from an isle far away from the coastline. The longest transition area in the world to get to your bike: 2.5 km. The tough bike segment is a real leg breaker on paved roads to reach the second transition. The finish line will be in one of the most authentic villages of Ibiza. Athletes will run 13 km along steep forest tracks enjoying spectacular views before crossing the finish line.

Ibiza Blue Challenge (IBC) Triathlon offers you to discover the authentic soul of Ibiza, villages such as Santa Inés and San Mateo. The Organizer have designed a superb competition based on many years of experience. You cannot miss it!

Do you accept the challenge?




Please, visit the following links to view the segments:

Middle Distance Triathlon CIRCUITS

Olympic Distance Triathlon CIRCUITS


You can register online for any of the two events (Middle Distance and/or Olympic Distance). Just fill out the forms and proceed to payment. Registration will be done automatically once you have paid. Registration will close on the 1st of June 2024 at 23:00 h.



This is your registration pack:

  • Race kit/bag and gifts/souvenirs.
  • Swim cap, customized finish line strip or medal for the finishers.
  • Transfer by boat to the start line.
  • Post-race massage.
  • Private insurance coverage.
  • Closing meal for triathletes and guests.

Traditional craft trophies for the award winners


MIDDLE DISTANCE: 150€ for the first 20 registrations; 170€ for the 31-60 registrations. Only 60 places available.

OLYMPIC DISTANCE: 75€ for the first 20 registrations; 90€ for the 31-60 registrations. Only 60 places available.


Ibiza Blue Challenge Triathlon (IBCT) is a Triathlon Event that endorses and complies with the Rules established and followed by the Balearic Federation of Triathlon, the Technical Delegate and Technical Officials.

  1. Swim segment

1.1. Athletes will start from the water, under the stone arch of the largest isle (isla margarita) opposite the cliffs called “Ses Balandres” in Santa Inés. To reach this point, athletes will be taken by boat to the start line.

1.2. The use of wetsuit (optional or compulsory) will depend on the water temperature measured on the day of the race. The water temperature is usually between 17º-20ºC. Neoprene gloves and/or boots are forbidden.

1.3. The swim segment (2.5km or 1.2km) will be marked by buoys. There will also be kayaks and boats (organization, volunteers and medical support) supervising the swim segment.

1.4. Limit time to cover the swim segment: 1h 20 minutes (Middle Distance) or 40 minutes (Olympic Distance).

1.5. Athletes are not allowed to swim with the race number on. Athletes will be identified by the number on their swim cap and the tattoo or marking.

  1. Swim-Run Transition (T0)

2.1. Athletes will exit the swim segment via a small pier. They will be given the transition bag to put inside all the swim gear (wetsuit, swim camp, goggles). Then, they will put on the running shoes, the gear they need and the race number to head to the bike (2.5km away).

2.2. As access to the pier is a bit difficult, only water and isotonic drinks will be provided at this point.

2.3. The T0 start is very tough. The organizers and volunteers will be ready to help athletes in this section. To reach the top of the cliff (1000 m) athletes will have to run or walk along a very steep path.

2.4. The second part of this segment is a wide paved road. No major problems here.

  1. Bike Transition (T1)

3.1. T1 will be located in Santa Inés (main square), 2.5 km away from T0.

3.2. Some boxes/baskets will be provided by the Organizer for the athletes to drop there their running shoes and gear. They will find these boxes/baskets again in the T2. The cycling gear will be located under a tent.

3.3. Drinks will be provided at T1. There will also be a medical post.

  1. Bike Segment

4.1. The bike segment is fast and on paved roads. It covers 14.5 km. Athletes will have to cover several loops depending on the distance (Middle Distance: 6; Olympic Distance: 3). Number of loops will be controlled by a chip system.

4.2. The 7th/4th loop will not be fully covered since just before finishing the loop athletes will drop their bikes in the village of San Mateo (T2).

4.3. The bike segment will be closed to motorized vehicles. Athletes are requested to use the right lane at all times (otherwise DSQ). There are only two spots where there will be volunteers and Organization staff to watch for potential vehicles (and give preference to athletes): a crossroad 1 km away from Santa Inés and a Stop in the village of San Mateo. Please ride carefully at all times!

4.4. IBCT Race is a “Drafting Zero Tolerance” Event. The Technical Officials of the Balearic Federation of Triathlon will make sure Drafting rules are complied with.

4.5. Athletes will place the bib number stickers provided by the Organizer on the left and front sides of their helmet. The race number should always visible around their waist (back).

4.6. A medical assistance vehicle will be available during the bike segment (driving up and down the bike segment).  At aid stations athletes will be offered isotonic drinks, water, fruit, food, etc. There will also be some spots for litter disposal and loop control.

4.7. Remember that you will be racing amidst protected and natural areas. Athletes who do not use the designated litter spots will be DSQ.

4.8. Limit time to cover swim+bike: 6h (the bike segment will be closed at 13:00 p.m.).

  1. Run Transition (T2)

5.1. T2 will be located in San Mateo. This is where athletes will pick up all the running gear (as well as the running shoes, etc. used in T0).

5.2. An aid station will be located in T2 tent to provide athletes with drinks, food. There will also be a medical post.

  1. Run segment

6.1. The run segment will cover 13 km. It is a two way path with just one turning point. The first 600 m on paved road and the rest of the segment will be on tracks and forest paths. It is a demanding segment with steep climbs. The highest point will be reached at km 5. A beautiful and scenic segment but very demanding!

6.2. Aid stations will be located at km 0, 4, 6.5 and 9 (solid and liquid). The turning point will be located at km 6.5 (Middle Distance) or km 4 (Olympic Distance).

6.3. At km 2, athletes will have to cross a road (opened to motorized vehicles), so please do pay attention and follow indications given by the Organizer/volunteers.

6.4. The race number has to be visible at all times.

6.5. A medical post will be located in San Mateo during the whole running segment.

6.6. Coaches or accompanying guests are allowed to give athletes food or drinks at aid stations or at the spots indicated by the Organizer.

  1. Finish Line Area

7.1. The Finish Line will be located in San Mateo. There will be an aid station, a massage service and a medical post.

7.2. The Finish Line will close at 16.00 pm on Sunday the 9th of June. Time limit to finish the race: 8 hours.

  1. Modifications due to bad weather

8.1. In the event of bad weather/force majeure, the Organizer can change/modify distances or segments.

8.2. The Organizer will design a new alternative swim segment (near the village but in another location) if weather forecast is too bad 48 hours before the race start.

  1. General Rules

9.1. Athletes who litter outside the designated areas will be automatically disqualified. Please bear in mind that the race takes place in natural protected areas of singular beauty.

9.2. There will be emergency phones at all aid stations and other Organizer’s spots. Athletes may feel free to use these phones to make emergency calls.

9.3. Athletes are not allowed to use any music device during the competition.

9.4. Minimum age to race in the IBC: 18 years old on the day of the race.

9.5. Athletes are not allowed to receive any aid from other persons (apart from the Organizer’s staff) outside official aid stations. Athletes cannot be accompanied by boats, vehicles or on foot (in any segment and during the whole race). However, according to the rules, an athlete can receive aid from another athlete outside designated areas.

9.6. All athletes will make sure they enjoy good health and are in good condition to participate in the race. The Organizer will not be made liable if an athlete happens to suffer any unfortunate health event.

9.7. In terms of doping, claims, complaints, or any other issue regarding the event, please refer to the Competition Rules 2019 drafted and approved by the Spanish Federation of Triathlon.


Saturday, 8th of June

18:00 – 20:00 – Centro Cultural, Santa Inés. Race bag pick up (with documentation and gifts).

19:00 – Briefing at Centro Cultural, Santa Inés. The Organizer will brief athletes on the event, segments, weather forecast, etc. This is also the time for Q&A.

20:00 – 21:00 – Bike delivery.

Sunday, 9th of June

05:45 – The boat leaves from the Port of San Antonio to the race start.

07:00 – Middle Distance Triathlon starts.

09:00 – Olympic Distance Triathlon starts.

13:00 –Bike segment closes (limit time swim+bike)

15:00 – Finish Line closes and Paella+Award ceremony


Your race bag will include some souvenirs/gifts as a way of thanking you for joining the event. They will be special gifts related to the history and customs of Ibiza inhabitants and ancestors.

The event will include two categories: men and women absolute categories.

There will be awards for the first 5 athletes (5 men + 5 women) in the Middle Distance Triathlon and the first 5 athletes (3 men + 3 women) in the Olympic Distance Triathlon. 20 awards in total!

The Middle Distance and Olympic Distance Winners

A special award/gift for the winners plus free registration (2024 Race) and two nights’ accommodation to join us in the next edition.

And of course, all finishers will get their medal. Middle Distance athletes will also get a customized finish line strip.