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1. The TREKKING DAYS will take place on April 1st,2nd and 3rd 2021, organised by Ibiza Blue Challenge with the collaboration of authorities and companies from Ibiza.

2. It’s a non-competitive activity, that offers three days of trekking in different parts of the island, which gives the chance to explore the authentic Ibizan landscape, gastronomy and culture.

3. The routes are not extremely difficult, but it does require you to be in good physical condition to take on routes  between 10km and 20km, this is around 3-6 hours of activity per day.

4. The Trekking days consist of a complete circuit around the island of Ibiza, so it’s divided into three separate events. Each event will divide the island into three parts (approximately) and in the 2021 edition, the routes will be located in the north and west of the island , between San Juan, San Antonio and San José.

5. The routes will be open to general traffic and the participants must always comply with the traffic regulations and signals by stopping or giving way to all vehicles or people who may have priority and by using the pavements in urban areas.

6. The organisers will create different levels for participants ; All groupes will be assisted by guides, ensuring that the routes will be adapted and suitable for the level of each group.

7. The minimum age for participants is 14 years old and they must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

8. The organisation will publish lists of participants and times achieved for the TREKKING DAYS 2021 and for those who choose to take part in all three editions, there will be a prize and a COMPLETE FINISHER certificate

9. The organisation will have staff and health support to attend the event.

10. The organisation has contracted an accident insurance for all participants, so they are not required to be federated in order to take part in this event.

11. Each participant agrees to checking their general health status , and be in good physical and mental condition prior to taking part in the event.

12. In cases where the organisers become aware of an excessive delay in the completion of a stage by a participant, or when there are difficulties that may be a danger to the participant’s health, they may remove a participant from the route using a vehicle of the organisation.

13. TREKKING DAYS 2021 consists of 4 stages with a double stage that includes a night route. The routes are located in San Juan, San Antonio and San José.

14. The organisation will establish along the route, areas of compulsory passage duly indicated , or that are passed following the instructions given by the guides. It is essential to walk along the existing paths and routes to avoid any possible damage to the natural environment.

15. The participants will be responsible for their own food and drink , and will deposit all their waste in their own bag or at the points enabled for this.

16. The participants will carry the following material : Light rucksack, 1 litre of water in a bottle that can be refilled, cereal bars and / or fruit, windbreaker, comfortable footwear, sunglasses, cap or sunhat and sun cream. It is mandatory to carry a mobile phone.

17. The organisers will offer refreshments, coffee, fruit and varied food during all stages, at the half way and the end of the route.

18. The organisation will offer alternative routes in case of bad weather conditions, reserving the right to modify the route or the original distance, if necessary. In the event of cancellation due to reasons of force majeure, the organization will compensate with 50% of the cost of the registration through discounts for future events that it may organise.

19. The participants are forbidden to take any medication that is included in the list of prohibited medications published by the responsible Sports Council or global institution.

20. The TREKKING DAYS 2021 registration includes:

  • Participant health insurance coverage.

  • Welcome gift – different for those completing the entire route or those who only take part in one stage.

  • Bus transfers to stages where required and return transfer to the starting point.

  • Finishers certificate / diploma for all those who complete all stages.

  • Paella for participants.

21. Environmental regulations


  • Don’t throw any wrappers or any type of packaging onto the ground. Use the areas provided by the organisers for this purpose and remember that this is a zero-tolerance event for environmental damage and any participants who do not comply with this requirement will be disqualified.

  • Always use the paths and trails indicated by the organisers to avoid leaving the route. This reduces the environmental impact of this activity.

  • Use the public transport provided by the organisers.

  • Tell your family and friends to wait for you preferibly in the urban areas close to the finish line to avoid crowding in natural areas, and to use as few cars as possible

  • Remember that you are passing through unique natural areas and that silence is essential.

  • Help the organisers by leaving all your wrappers and waste in the refreshment areas.

  • Take extreme care at night and listen to nature.

  • Nature is very special in cliff areas and the best way of protecting it is to follow the route.

  • On the route along the coast you can observe unique marine species as well as our beloved lizards. Enjoy them, but don’t bother the.

  • Plastic in the sea is a huge burden for future generations, so take extra care and make sure you don’t drop any rubbish along the way.

  • Be our ambassador and promote respect for the natural treasure which we all enjoy through sport during the TREKKING DAYS.

22. • Programme of activities:

Thursday 1st April

8:30am-9am – Number collection, welcome gift and signature control.

9:15am – Start of first stage of the TREKKING DAYS – Departure from San Juan.

4pm – End of the first stage.

Friday 2nd April

2:30pm-3pm- Signature control.

3:15pm – Start of the second stage of the TREKKING DAYS

6pm – End of the second stage.

7pm-7:30pm – Signature control.

7:30pm – Start of the night stage.

10pm – End of the third stage.

Saturday 3rd April

9:30am-10:00am – Signature control.

10:15am – Start of the fourth stage of the TREKKING DAYS.

3pm – End of TREKKING DAYS 2021 with popular paella.

23. • Registration terms:

Places for TREKKING DAYS are limited to 100 registrations, which will be approved on a first come first served basis via the online registration platform www.sportmaniacs.com.

The organisation reserves the right to modify these quotas if there is higher demand for one of the two categories.

Registrations will be open till 20 march 2021 at 23pm, with the following prices:


– 4 stages                                                                80€

– Stages 1, 2 o 3                                                    20€

– Stage 4 (food included)                                 30€

-20% discount for the registrations before 30 may 2020.

24. Stage organisation:

– Make your reservation contacting Sr. Juan Manuel in this email address: jmpdt1@gmail.com or telephone +34 640322448. The hotels are located in Playa den Bossa beach ( Aptos. Sal Rossa ) and in Talamanca beach ( Hotel Argos **** ) so that you can spend two or three days out and about exploring the island with just your backpack,

*If you want to return to the stage starting point, the organisers will arrange free shuttle buses to take participants back. However, you should book your place in advance before registrations close on 20 march, at www.sportmaniacs.com

 * Every day you can be picked up from the hotel and taken to the start for that day and then back to the hotel at the end or the days trek.